PortlandBeer.com is not a brewery, its not pub, and its not a bottle shop. PortlandBeer.com is a movement toward the enjoyment, appreciation and advocacy of drinking and sharing better craft beers & ciders. PortlandBeer.com was founded in 2003 by Christopher Pierce with this in mind.

My goal is not to recreate the wheel of Portland beer related websites, quite the contrary, I am focusing PortlandBeer.com on the “Portland beer experience” or Portland Beer Experience™ if you like (more on the PBE here). There are plenty of Portland websites that review Portland beers, blog about Portland beers,  help you find & buy Portland beers, blog about Portland beers, festivals & events, offer tours of Portland breweries by bus, bike and taxi bike, crawls by foot, and even enjoy local Portland beers by pedaling a brew barge on the Willamette River. There are other Portland beer websites that cover beer tech and tools, Portland home brewing clubs and home brew recipes, crowdfunding beer related campaigns, beer in politics, beer NEWS and information, specific beer days, beer weeks, beer months, seasonal beers, beer holidays, beer history, beer for women, gluten-free beer, beer at the zoo & museums, beer maps & locations, beer calculators, beer runs and races, happy hours, beer appreciation classes, professional development for brewing industry, top-10 lists, places where you can drink beer while petting cats…(Way to Keep Portland Weird!). PortlandBeer.com’s job is not to duplicate any of these websites, but to focus on the experience of the enjoyment and appreciation of beer in Portland and all that it has to offer.

“Gratitude…and perhaps a little thirsty, is what I feel when I think about all of the great beer options in our home town of Portland, Oregon and the rest of Oregon for that matter. This ever changing website was crafted with the intention of giving back as a simple thank you to all those who make Portland such a great craft beer destination.” – Christopher Pierce

On PortlandBeer.com you will find a constantly changing resource of Portland beer and cider related websites. Why re-invent the wheel? That would take away from my beer drinking time. You will also find information about our monthly craft beer and cider bottle shares, regional craft beer and cider festival information, news about the craft beverage industry, and lots more fun information in the name of craft beer and cider advocacy.

If you want to follow my personal beer adventures around town, take a look at my Twitter feed: Twitter.com/Portland_Beer @Portland_Beer

If you want to meet up for a beer or would like to discuss craft beer or cider collaborations, exporting bottle, cans and one way kegs (OWK) to Canada, Asia and Europe, email me.

If you have a media package of beer and schwag samples to send, please email me for for my shipping address. portlandbeer.com@gmail.com

If you are looking to hang out with a bunch of like minded Portland beer fanatics, come to one of our bottle shares. Twitter updates: Twitter.com/PDXBottleShare @PDXbottleshare

We have advertising space available on our websites. Email for rates.

I hope that we can be together for pints soon.


Christopher Pierce

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